Friday, October 1, 2010

One week to due date!

As long as the past nine months have been, I'm kind of in awe right now that I have just one week left to go before my due date! Our little girl could decide she's ready to arrive at any time now. Never before in my life has it been so difficult to wait for something.
I've finally reached the point where I'm ready to be done being pregnant. Up until now I was handling it pretty well, but now I'm mostly tired all the time. And bloated, let's not forget that! I think even my lips are retaining water, and Fred Flinstone called and said he wanted his feet back. Otherwise I'm not all that uncomfortable. I can manage to sleep for 2-3 hours at a stretch, get up to go to the bathroom, and usually fall right back to sleep.
I did ask my husband to force me to stop going to the gym. I got to go one last time yesterday, and as of today my membership is on hold. It seemed silly to pay for a whole month's membership when I might be only going there for a week, and probably two at most. I also stress too much about going. Even at almost nine months pregnant, the thought of not going, even when I don't feel well, is practically unbearable. What can I say? I'm a crazy person who's addicted to exercise. I still plan to walk as much as I can until the baby comes. The weather is supposed to be nice through next week so that shouldn't be too difficult.
It will be an exciting weekend for us, since my mom is moving into her new house. She started today and we will continue to help her throughout the weekend. Well, everyone else will help her. I'll just be fat and useless. My sister said she might let me slice some buns at lunchtime or something. Otherwise I think it's best if baby and I just observe. Of course, everyone would prefer if they could hold the baby too! Today my sisters told me I could come over, but I had to bring the baby with me. I said of course I'd bring her with me! I bring her with me everywhere I go.

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