Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to the real world!

My return to work went much better than expected. Leaving Jane the first day was very hard, but once I actually got to work, I was fine. It helped that I was surrounded by people and a place I am comfortable with. I enjoyed seeing my coworkers again. It was gratifying to learn that the people I work with in the public missed me while I was gone. It was nice to get dressed up again. Jane seems to be adjusting pretty well to daycare, though she was a bit clingy after I picked her up. I'm sure before long she will be excited to go and see the other kids. I'm glad she will have that social interaction.
My boss wants me to start writing regularly about my parenting experiences in a column for the paper. I'll give it a shot. I hate to talk too much about my personal life in the paper, for fear that I'll bore people to death, but he seems to think it will be popular! We shall see.
Our house is all decorated for Christmas and we have our tree all ready to decorate. We just need to find something to put it on. We bought a four-foot tree this year and plan to put it up on a table in the hopes that the cats will stay out of it. We also bought unbreakable ornaments. I'm excited to see how Jane's first Christmas tree looks!

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