Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A tale of two teef

Further evidence that my little girl is growing up showed up this week. Just in time for my dearly beloved to be gone the entire weekend (lovely timing, dear), Jane's teething kicked into high gear. On Thursday evening I did a gum check, which I had been doing every few days, and discovered a hard spot on Jane's gum. On further examination, I finally was able to pry her mouth open long enough to see that there is a tooth coming in. Her first! Then, yesterday, I got in there again and found that she not only has one, but two toofs ... er, teef ... er, teeth coming in! Soon her toothless smile won't be so toothless anymore. I can't lie, I prefer the gummy grin to crooked baby teeth, but that's not up to me to control. There's just something about two or three teeth sticking out of a babies' mouths that makes them look like tiny hillbillies.
Teething hasn't been too terrible of a process for us so far. There's been lots of chewing, sure, but not that much drooling and she honestly hasn't even been all that fussy. A bit clingy and whiny, yes, but none of the all-night screaming I've heard about. I hope that continues as her new teeth come in.

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