Thursday, June 30, 2011

She's a GIRL!

I have finally taken a step toward the prevention of people calling my daughter a boy: hair bows.
People have been assuming that Jane is a boy since she was tiny. At first, I think our navy blue carseat contributed to the problem. They saw blue, and thought "boy." Of course, I personally think navy blue is neutral and perfectly unisex. Plus, the carseat was free and for that price, I'm willing to deflect a few awkward: "What's his name?" "Jane." conversations. Apparently people were unable to see past the blue carseat to the pink-clad little girl in the seat.
Normally I'm not really the type of person to care about these things, and if I've dressed my daughter in an ambiguous outfit, it's my own fault if people are confused. But eventually I started to tire of my little girl constantly getting referred to as a boy. One day we were at a grand opening for a Menard's store and all the children were being offered free balloons. One of the employees asked which color "he" would like. I replied that "she" would like the pink one, even though I kind of wanted orange or yellow, personally.
The comments died down somewhat after Jane got into her big-girl carseat. Recently, however, they've picked up again. One on of the occasions I was particularly baffled, since my daughter was wearing a yellow and pink DRESS at the time. Another time, she was wearing a bright-pink jacket. Really, people?
I don't know what it is about my daughter that sends off "boy" vibes. I don't think she looks particularly masculine. Are girls supposed to have long hair or something, even when they are babies? Unfortunately she can't help that!
My husband and I aren't really the type of people who always put headbands and bows in our child's hair. But yesterday, I did it. I bought two packs of clip-in bows for Jane. That day she was wearing a purplish-blue dress and I could just sense that everyone thought she was a boy.
After our shopping, we went out for dinner. In the car, I took one of the bows and clipped it in her hair. Voila, instant girl!
There was something about that bow. People at the restaurant oohed and aahed over her. "Oh, she's so cute!" they exclaimed.
That's one small bow for Janie, one GIANT victory for mama.

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