Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby potpourri

It seems I have been slacking over the past two weeks, so I have quite a bit of updating to do.
We haven't had time to work on the baby's room much more, though we plan to dig in again this weekend. My husband was home sick from work yesterday and when I went back to work after lunch, he was headed up for a nap. When I came home four hours later, I got a nice surprise. He had carried most of the store room items that were still sitting in the hallway down to the basement, and had hauled out the old dresser and treadmill from the baby's room. Wow! I definitely was not expecting that. That means all I have left to do this weekend is box up those last few remaining items and we can get to the fun part.
In related news, we have changed our minds on the nursery theme again. I think we both had our hearts set on our turtle, frog, bumblebee theme that we had originally chosen. So we have gone back to that and ordered a crib sheet and some wall hangings so we could match colors. We have also chosen a paint color, called Mango Parfait. It's a light, creamy orange. We had lots to choose from—the set (we are still not buying the whole set because it's dumb to buy a quilt and bumper we're not going to use) has yellow, blue, green, and orange. I think it's really cute. I know some people are into decorating their babies' rooms with non-childish themes these days, but I'm not. I mean, come on ... she's going to be a baby! She can have a room that looks like it belongs to a 40-year-old when she's 40.
While she waits to see her new room, the baby sure seems to be enjoying the room she has now! She's moving more and more all the time, though she still seems to have quiet and active days. One day she'll move pretty much all day long, and the next day she'll be very quiet. Although sometimes I suspect that her quiet days are just my busy days, and I don't notice quite as much. On Sunday, I was reclining on the couch and could actually see her kicking from the outside. This was after what had been a day to a day-and-a-half when she was really mellow.
I've also begun to notice patterns. She's pretty active in the morning, between 8 and 9. Breakfast probably has something to do with that. During that time I generally feel the kicks/punches up high. As the day progresses she seems to move downward. Afternoons are calmer, but when she does decide to kick, it's in the middle. In the evening, she likes to get my left side. Not always, but sometimes when I go to bed she gets a few good crotch shots in. Getting punched in the crotch from the inside is not as fun as it might sound! Last night she gave me some real doozies. Thankfully, she seems to sleep most of the night. The only time I really feel her move is when I roll over. She was a bit more active during the thunderstorm we had last night, though!
I have more to say, mostly about gaining too much weight, but I think I'll save that for another time.

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