Friday, July 2, 2010

98 days and counting!

Today marks 26 weeks. That means only 14 weeks to go, give or take. My belly is getting bigger now and people are actually starting to notice that I'm pregnant. At nearly 6 months, it's about time!
It hasn't been the greatest week. Aside from crying over spilled blueberries, I was not pleased at my doctor's appointment to learn how much weight I have gained since the last time I was there. Let me first of all say that I hate these women who only gain 10 pounds during their pregnancies. They suck, and if I come into contact with one in the next three months, she'd better watch out because I might just take her down. Especially if she comes between me and a plate of food.
I was blessed not to have morning sickness, but I have found that this was also a curse of sorts. Apparently many women actually lose weight during the first trimester. That's funny stuff. I definitely did not have that problem. Not that I was small to begin with. I gained about 7 pounds just trying to get pregnant because I cut down a bit on the intensity of exercise that I do.
I was going to be one of those women who only gained 20-25 pounds. I was going to continue exercising and eat healthy, and there was no way I was going to gain more than 25. Well, I'm still exercising 4-5 days a week, using the elliptical and stationary bike and lifting weights. I'm eating pretty well, despite my husband's efforts to feed me ice cream on a daily basis. (The baby needs ice cream, apparently.) So why can't I keep this under control? I guess my body is just doing what it wants to do. And I really can't complain too much. This has been a relatively easy trip so far. So I'm getting a little fat in the process. If I get a healthy baby out of the deal, I can live with it. I know I can lose it. I've done it before. And this time, I'll have breastfeeding to help me, right?
I have heard that some doctors berate women over their pregnancy weight gain. I've been waiting for this to happen, but it hasn't. My doctor has not said one word about my weight. (He did say, "awww ... you're finally starting to get a belly" at my appointment this week.) I've been tempted to ask him, but who wants to open up that can of worms? If he's not going to come right out and tell me I'm fat, who am I to encourage him?

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