Friday, April 8, 2011

Half a year

I can't believe that our darling girl is half a year old already. It still seems like just yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting her arrival. Some days I have to practically pinch myself multiple times. We have a daughter!
Jane is truly a delightful child. She is happy, expressive, curious, spirited, and oh, so sweet. Her face lights up when her parents walk into the room. She loves her toys and books and gets excited when she sees certain favorites. She adores her jumper. Sometimes I think she is going to jump right out of it! We recently started giving her some solid foods to try but so far she has not been impressed. Rice cereal is somewhat acceptable but everything else is disgusting! I'm sure someday she will change her mind. She can roll both ways and prefers to sleep on her tummy now. She can't sit up unassisted quite yet but is working on it and getting stronger every day. She can't crawl, either, but has figured out how to scoot or roll her way to something she really wants. The other day she managed to pull herself over to her toy bin, where she could see one of her favorite toys—her ribbit—inside. She was pretty disappointed by the fact that, although she could see him in there and had gotten to him, she could not get him out. Mama helped with that.
Jane has been a very vocal child from day one and I'm sure she will be quite the talker. She is already content to squeal and babble for long periods. She has lots of interesting things to say. She is still long and slender. Her long legs go and go all day long. I've had people remark to me that she is going to be a super model someday! She has almost grown out of her infant car seat and yesterday I ordered two new ones for her. I'm excited for her to try them out next week.
Jane's 6-month appointment is on Tuesday so we'll know then how much she weighs and how tall she is. We did measure her the other day when we were trying to see if she needed a new car seat yet and she was about 28 inches long. I'm guessing she weighs 17-17.5 pounds.
I'm looking forward to the summer days ahead when we can introduce more of the world to her. Trees, grass, water, and sunshine all await. I feel like she's the perfect age at the perfect time. Just when she's starting to get more interested in what is around her is the time we can help her learn to enjoy it.

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