Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Good Fall

Last night I finished A Good Fall by Ha Jin. I read it at this time of year thinking it was going to be about autumn. I was so wrong, and feel a little dumb about that. That's okay, though. It was a really good bok!
A Good Fall is a collection of stories about Chinese immigrants and Chinese Americans living in Flushing, New York. Even though there is something different going on in every story, there are common themes that run throughout the book. The main characters are often walking a tightrope between two cultures. I think similar stories could be written by just about any group of immigrants. In that way, I felt that this book was really about humanity—that despite all of our differences, we are all very much the same.
I definitely would read more from Ha Jin. The stories were very easy to read, but packed a big punch. As a whole, it's a very strong collection.
I am *still* working on Doctor Sleep. I really like it, but I don't know what is taking me so long to read it. That is what I get for reading three books at once, I guess. Yet that isn't stopping me from starting another book. I want to read Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger before I go to hear him speak in two weeks. Krueger is new to me this year, but he is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I've read the first three books in his Cork O'Connor series. Ordinary Grace is a stand-alone book. I can't wait to start it tonight!

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