Friday, October 25, 2013

Heart-Shaped Box

I've been in the mood for some horror this October, and when I was trying to choose what to read next, Joe Hill's Heart-Shaped Box fit the bill.
Heart-Shaped Box tells the story of rocker Judas Coyne, who buys a ghost on an ebay-like site. Overall, I thought this was a really strong effort. I liked Jude and Marybeth (aka Georgie) and thought both of them grew personally throughout the book. The ghost was scary. There were some parts toward the end—particularly when Jude and Marybeth went to Florida to confront Jessica Price, the woman who sold Jude the ghost. I suppose there are people out there who are as crazy and evil as her, but...well, I found the ghost to be more believable than she was. I really liked the ending a lot, and thought it tied everything together pretty neatly. It's definitely a good effort from Joe Hill, and I'd read more from him. (I have read one of his other books, 20th Century Ghosts.) I'd give this one 3.5 stars.
I'm now starting another ghost story—The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. While the movie based on this story wasn't perfect, I did enjoy it and got a good scare out of it. I'm also reading Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger, who I am going to hear speak next week. I'm very excited!

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