Thursday, August 27, 2009

I found a kitten!

Yesterday on my way to the bank in Balaton I saw a kitten sitting by the side of the road. I didn't have time to stop right at that moment because I needed to get to the bank before the drive-up window closed. I told myself that if it was still there on my way back, I would stop. As I drove along, my eyes searched for it. Just when I was beginning to think it must have run off, there it was. I pulled over to the side of the road and walked across to where it was sitting. It started to run, but didn't get far before I caught it.
I got to the car and called my husband. What should I do? I wasn't going to leave it there, where it would surely be dead before morning. I said I'd bring it home and we'd try to find a home for it. If we don't have any luck, we'll bring it to the humane society.
The kitten is very thin. The first thing she did was eat and eat. We had to stop her so that she wouldn't make herself sick. She appears to be potty trained; when my husband set her on the makeshift litter box he made for her, she went right away. She is also extremely friendly. Last night while my husband was making dinner, she followed him around and meowed the entire time. I am hoping we can fatten this little girl up, and find her a good home.
It upsets me that this kitten obviously belonged to someone who abandoned her in this way, along a busy highway. With the amount of semi and other traffic along Highway 14, she wouldn't have lasted long. She also didn't appear to have eaten for days. The poor creature just sat in the same spot, watching the cars go by, until I picked her up. Why do people do this? Animals are not play-things. When you get an animal, you make a commitment to care for it. If you can no longer care for it, it is your responsibility to find it another home. You don't just leave it by the side of the road. I'll get off my soapbox for now, and work on finding this precious little cutie a new home!


  1. Many animals are being dumped with people losing their homes. It makes no sense when you can bring them in and surrender them for free. Looks like someone on TCMAS is looking, hopefully you guys hook up and give this kitty a great home :)

    merkurfan from tcmas.

  2. Yes, I think that we might have found a home for her with the person from TCMAS! I'm very excited. I'll post an update once we know for sure.