Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4-month appointment

Jane had her 4-month checkup and shots yesterday. Our big girl now weighs 16 pounds and is 26-3/4 inches long. She handled the examination well, except for when the doctor looked in her ears. I don't know why she became so upset then.
Afterward, when the doctor was talking to us and answering our questions, she had a lot of things to say to him. I have never heard her talk so much to someone she barely knows before! It was hilarious. I think she may have been lodging a complaint against her incompetent parents. Or maybe she was just lecturing him for looking in her ears.
She handled the shots remarkably well. She got two this time - one in each leg. She also had an oral vaccine. She screamed a bit, but stopped as soon as I picked her up. She whimpered as we put her back in her car seat, but had completely settled down by the time we got to the car. She fell asleep on the five-minute drive home. When we got there, I changed her and fed her, and she fell back to sleep. After a 45-minute nap, she woke up feeling pretty chipper and played as if nothing had happened for the rest of the evening.
She found a new trick to do - making a smacking sound with her lips. She laid and kicked and smacked her lips and laughed at the fish. Oh, to be so easily entertained! I'll admit, I was just as entertained by watching her.

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