Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby snow angel

We've been wanting to take Jane out to play in the snow for quite some time. Unfortunately it has always been too cold. But this Saturday the weather was finally suitable - a balmy 35 degrees - so we decided to try it. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. She was pretty preoccupied with trying to eat her hands, as usual. We did get some fun pictures that will always be special to us of Jane's first time playing in the snow.
She is also becoming quite the proficient roller. When laid on her back she rolls onto her side almost immediately and soon ends up on her tummy. Which she hates, so she begins fussing and we have to turn her over. She needs to learn to roll over the other way very soon, because this is getting really frustrating! Most babies roll from front to back first, but not our little girl! She just has to be different.

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