Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Our little Jane is suddenly becoming quite mobile. Two nights ago I was making her do tummy time (which she hates) and she came so very close to rolling over onto her back. She probably would have done it but some crazy lady was jumping up and down and screaming. I think it's a skill she'll be mastering very soon. She is also now able to roll over onto her stomach. My husband took a snow day yesterday and she was with him the whole day. At one point she was laying on her back on the floor playing. He turned for a few seconds and when he looked at her again, she was on her side. She eventually worked her way onto her stomach, where she promptly became upset. He took a video but couldn't get her to turn back over onto her back. Soon, though, I can feel it!
Jane is also feeling much better this week. We're nearing the end of her antibiotics for her ear infection, and she is back to her old self. I feel that the infection probably set her back a bit on rolling and some other skills, but what can you do? She's getting it now and that's what matters.
She will be four months old in less than a week! I can't believe it.

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