Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Our little Jane is becoming more vocal by the day. The serious faces she makes when she has something to say are so funny. Sometimes she'll talk and talk and other times she opens her mouth and moves it all around but nothing comes out. She sure is working hard at it! Sometimes I will make sounds for her to try to imitate (which she never does) and she will give me quite the look. Talking is serious work, apparently.
Our little pumpkin is now rolling both ways quite well. We had suspected that she could and did occasionally, but we could never catch her at it. Last Thursday we finally did. I had been videotaping her even, but had stopped taping and was adjusting my legs when she did it. She has done it several times since and rolls both ways in her crib at night.
Now on to sitting up! Some days she does really well and others not so much. I know she is getting strong enough and that when she figures out, she's going to love being able to sit on her own. After that I suspect crawling is next on the menu. It is hard to believe she is growing up so fast and that she will be six months old in just over a week. I'm not ready to let my baby grow up but I am enjoying these milestones so much!
This weekend we will attend a benefit for a classmate of mine who has brain cancer. Of course it isn't under the best of circumstances, but I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there and showing Jane off a bit. I just hope the crowd isn't too large for her!

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