Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas lights?

When do you take your Christmas decorations down? How long is too long to leave them up? I was surprised the other night to see lots of Christmas lights on. I suppose many people leave them up until spring, which is fine. I just can't imagine actually still turning them on!

We take down our indoor Christmas decorations right around New Year’s. I’m ready for them to be gone by then. We haven’t put up outdoor lights for a few years, and I’ll tell you why.

We have an enclosed porch, and one year we decided to put icicle lights on it. My husband went out our bedroom window and onto the porch roof to do so, and I was in the house doing various things. After a while, I heard knocking. I went to the door to find that no one was there. It happened again. Finally, I opened the door and heard my husband calling to me, “Help!”

The bedroom window had shut, stranding him on the roof in the cold. And that is why we haven’t put up outdoor Christmas lights since.

I am also reminded of the movie "Garden State," which is one of my favorites. In that movie, Zach Braff's character comments on the Christmas tree in Sam's house being up a little early. She tells him that actually, they never got around to taking it down. Eventually they figured they might as well just leave it up, since soon it would be Christmas again anyway!

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