Monday, January 10, 2011

Three Months Old

Our beautiful baby girl turned three months old on Saturday. The time has flown by, but rest assured, we are treasuring every moment of it. It is a amazing to us how she has gone from being that squishy little newborn to who she is today. Her personality sparkles out at us as she smiles, giggles, and kicks. To see how happy she is makes me think we must be doing something right. We often comment now how she changes on a daily basis. Every day she becomes more engaging, and seems to enjoy life a little bit more. I reminded her Saturday that she was the one who did not want to come out, and did not seem happy at all about being born. She seems to have forgiven us now.
So how does one spend a three-month birthday? Jane celebrated hers by sleeping in until 6:45, which her mama certainly appreciated. She had breakfast, played, and then had a three-month photo shoot, courtesy of mama. We got some great shots! After a nap, she got dressed and went for a car ride to grandma & grandpa's, where she spent a couple of hours visiting so mom and dad could go to a movie. Later we went home, where we played, snuggled, watched the aquarium, and read some stories. It was a pretty typical day at our house, but I couldn't help thinking it was just a little bit special. In my mind I relived the day of her birth, the moment when life changed for the better.


  1. Cute little girl :) My little Sophia will be 3 months this week. Crazy how much they DO change daily. We talk about that as well. It's becoming more fun to interact with them! :)

  2. It is so much fun! I'm loving it. I could sit on the floor and play for hours!