Monday, August 30, 2010

So you're saying I just look fat ...

I had a very strange experience the other day. Someone came up and started asking me questions about the baby. Apparently this person had seen the advertisement my sisters placed in the newspaper about my open house baby shower in a couple of weeks. I realized almost instantly that something was strange based on the questions I was being asked ... "I see you're getting a baby," "when is she supposed to get here?" I got the idea that this person somehow thought I was adopting a baby, not having one. Sure enough, I was asked, "Where is she coming from?" Uh ... "Right here," I replied, placing a hand on my belly. The poor person was horribly embarrassed, of course. Apparently, even though this person sees me regularly, it was not obvious that I was pregnant.
This isn't the first amusing incident with someone who couldn't tell I was pregnant. One person asked me if I'd already had the baby. I've had several people express surprise when they learn that I'm pregnant. Others are just beginning to notice and I get a lot of "... hey, you're expecting!"
Really, I don't know how it couldn't be obvious by now. At almost eight months along, I've got a definite protruding belly that I most certainly did not have before. Although, to be fair, I have seen women whose non-pregnant bellies certainly rival mine. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry when making comments about someone being pregnant. And at least I'm not getting the other end of the spectrum ... "You're huge!" "You look like you're going to pop any minute!" "Are you sure it's not twins?" Yes, I'm definitely glad not to be getting those comments. However, it makes me wonder just how many people out there think I've just gotten really fat since January. At least it will be evident very soon when I'm carrying around an actual baby.

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