Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's better than zombies? Zombies in 3D!

Yesterday was my husband's 33rd birthday. In celebration, we went out for dinner and to a movie. It seemed meant to be that there was a zombie movie showing (Resident Evil: Afterlife), considering how we both love those. Not only that, but this would be our first 3D movie. What could be better than zombies in 3D?
The answer to that question, unfortunately, is more zombies in 3D. While Resident Evil: Afterlife wasn't a bad movie, it certainly could have benefited from more zombies. What movie couldn't, really? We were both looking forward to some crazy zombie action, particularly zombies jumping out at the screen at us. There was a shocking lack of this type of activity, however. The directors, instead, seemed more concerned with giving us Matrix-like action. That's fine, to an extent, but this is Resident Evil, and I expect zombies! I was expecting to come away scared, but the scariest part of the movie was the idiot two rows down who laughed really loudly at really stupid times.
I will say that the baby seemed to enjoy the movie. She exhibited some rather nice kicks to my left side. I remember a time when we would go to a movie and she'd be still throughout. She's definitely not shy like that anymore! She doesn't hesitate to wiggle no matter where we are.

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