Friday, April 9, 2010

14 weeks and counting

That brings us to this week. The day I'd been waiting for finally arrived on Wednesday. We got to hear the heartbeat. Again, I'd read horror stories about doctors and nurses not being able to find the heartbeat and having to do an ultrasound, or whatever. Seriously kids, stay off the Internet!
My doctor found the heartbeat almost right away. What a relief. Pretty amazing feeling, really. It was another one of those surreal moments when you realize, "Hey, there's a human being in there!" Often followed by, "What the hell was I thinking again?" And then, "Holy crap, this is awesome!" Such is pregnancy.
Now that everyone pretty much knows I'm pregnant, people are starting to eye the belly area to see if I've popped yet. I haven't, except for the extra pooch I've got from my internal organs being pushed around to places they've never been and probably never wanted to go. Actually, though, I'm feeling a bit thinner over the past couple of weeks now that some of the dreadful first trimester bloat has gone away. Still, I'm fully expecting to wake up one morning looking truly pregnant. It could happen anytime. It's funny because it's one of those things that is different for everyone but everyone seems to know when it will happen to you. One person will be shocked that you're not showing yet, while the next person will tell you that you'll be wearing your regular pants for a long time yet. I'll pop when I feel like it, mmm-kay?

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