Thursday, April 8, 2010

How is babby formed?

Oh, fledgling blog, how I have neglected thee. I'm dreadfully sorry. But I've been busy, you see. Doing what? Answering the age-old question, How is Babby Formed? ( for those not familiar. It cracks me up every time.) So yes, I've been engaging in babby-making, and have ignored this blog. As if anyone cared. And now I'm back.
It's been an interesting, if uneventful, ride so far. We got our first positive test on January 24. It was a very faint positive, but positive nonetheless. I took tests every day that week, and each one became darker. Soon it began to appear that we'd actually done this thing. Whose idea was this anyway?
A little over a week later I finally worked up the nerve to call a doctor and schedule an appointment. As usual, I made a complete idiot of myself, asking stupid questions and coming off as your basic, everyday moron. Luckily for me the people at the doctor's office were very nice and scheduled an appointment for the next week. Now, when I'm interested in something I tend to read about it on the Internet. A lot. And most of what I'd read were complaints from women whose doctors wouldn't see them before a certain time (eight weeks, 10 weeks, etc.). So I was thrilled to be seen at just six weeks. I wanted confirmation that this was not all just in my head.
The first appointment was not too exciting. I had your basic exam, was told to keep taking my prenatals and keep exercising, drained of a few vials of blood, and sent on my merry way. It all seemed rather anti-climactic. Weren't they going to alert the presses? Call an ambulance to take me home? Alert the National Guard? Nope. I was just another pregnant chick. It seems some miracles happen everyday.

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