Friday, April 9, 2010

Pregnancy fashion

Maternity clothes. I'll admit it, I love clothes. I'm a major bargain shopper so I don't spend a ton on them, but I do have a lot of them. So naturally the idea of buying a whole new wardrobe for myself was quite appealing. Except now I get to feel guilty for spending money on myself rather than on the baby. So I've had to find a happy medium.
I work so I need to have clothes that look presentable to the public. To me, that doesn't mean baggy sweatshirts and other oversized clothing. Just my personal preference, but I'd rather look pregnant than fat.
I'll admit that despite all my worries, I started buying maternity clothes at about 8 weeks. I bought some cute tops and jeans that were on sale on I picked up some capri pants and another top at Goodwill, and found some clothes on ebay. When I was at my sister's, I got some cute tops at a thrift store. More orders from Old Navy.
One weekend I asked my mom to go shopping with me in another town, because there was a sale at JCPenney. So we drove all the way there to find that this particular JCPenney did not sell maternity clothes. Dammit. We did find another maternity store in town which had some nice but frankly mostly overpriced items. Honestly, who can afford to spend $78 on ill-fitting maternity pants? Not I! I don't spend that much on regular pants. I did come home with one top, which I happened to find in the juniors section at JCPenney. Thank goodness for the trend toward empire waists. It may not last me the whole nine months, but it's a good transition piece.
The shopping trip experience led me back to ebay. I've shopped and sold on ebay in the past, but have found it increasingly difficult to do both. You've got to be careful when there are people who are trying to sell you a shirt from Old Navy for $25 that you can still get new in the store for $16.50. (I won't even get into trying to sell on ebay ... they've made it increasingly difficult to make any money so it's hardly worth trying.) But I've had some pretty good luck with the maternity clothes. I think I've got the basics for what I'll need this summer, and if I need more I can always pick up a few extras along the way. I simply cannot wait for garage sale season to start!

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